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Всё об экологии в одном месте: Всероссийский Экологический Портал

Чем выше уровень загрязнения среды, тем эффективнее оказывается применение установки ЭКО-ВЕСТА!


      We would like to introduce our revolutionary air cleaning system. The name of this new system is ECO (ecology)- VESTA®.

      The company that created this revolutionary air cleaning system is Eastpromecology.

      Manufacturer’s and factories emit air pollutants such as dust, aerosols and harmful gases. The ECOVESTA® system removes these harmful pollutants and allows consumers to breath pure clean air. If you worry about your health and the air you breath then this ECOVESTA® SYSTEM is for you.

      The ECOVESTA® state of the art engineering and design allows for extended periods of use, and is superior in removing pollutants that standard hydro filters or other air cleaning installations. ECOVESTA® removes 100% of dust flour and other pollutants, and 96 to 99% of aerosols.

      Made from the highest quality of plastics, the ECOVESTA® has a self cleaning design that prevents corrosion and dirt building up inside the unit.

      The ECOVESTA® system is dependable and reliable, can be operated around the clock and is energy efficient. The durable and dependable ECOVESTA® system uses replaceable filters that are long lasting.

      Scientists for the city of Perm were instrumental in the development of the ECOVESTA® system. These same experts and designers have been credited with developments of automated systems used in industrial safety that meet the highest world standards.

      The ECOVESTA® system has patents RF N42439 ( from 01.09. 2004), N48278 ( from 10.10. 2005) , N57631 ( from 27.10. 2006) , N 80452 ( from 10.02. 2009).

      Eastpromecology will provide each customer with the specifications required for installation of electronic controls and automation modes. Help with installation is also provided.


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